About 10 years ago our family and other families in our church made a decision to start homeschooling our children.  Our kids were in a nice small primary school in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, but we felt led by God to homeschool our children.

We did this and stepped out in faith into what has been a most interesting journey, where we are still learning how to educate our children better.  So not only do we have a better understanding of where our children are at academically, we have also been able to address areas where sometimes it may be a knowledge gap and sometimes it is a character issue.  Plus we have been blessed being able to have greater influence over our children and raise them in a Christian environment.

Make no mistake it hasn’t been an easy ride, but then nothing ever truly worthwhile is.  However it has been fantastic for our children, our relationship with our kids and their education.

Although I have been to University (and have a degree), it is not in education.  So as we have not been conformed in our thinking of what the children must learn at each year level and therefore have seen our children grasp concepts which are sometimes beyond their year level.

I have four beautiful children (aged 7, 9, 13 and 16) and have been homeschooling in collaboration with other parents (both Mums and Dads).  Over the years we have had newborn babies to year 12 students in our classes.

I loved Maths when I was in school and have been involved in homeschooling kids in Maths from Foundation, right through to Year 12.  So you will find many of the resources I have made and sell on Teachers Pay Teachers are foundational for developing good maths skills.  However, in order to effectively cover the different learning areas, you will occasionally find other resources I have needed to create for English, Geography, History, Science, etc.

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