How To Start Homeschooling In Western Australia

I was recently asked how do you go about homeschooling in Western Australia. Parents choose to homeschool for many different reasons: it may be they want to educate their child themselves, they are unhappy with their child’s school or their child is a victim of bullying, but regardless it comes down to a personal choice.

For us as a family we felt led by God to move in this direction. Do we regret it, no not at all. Were there some days were it was overwhelming and you wanted to chuck it all in, absolutely. I will say homeschooling is not for the faint hearted. You have to know your purpose and hold onto that, throughout what you are about to embark on. It will take time and effort, but all I can tell you is that it is worth it.

We have children but we only have a short time where we can influence them and help shape them into the men and women God has created them to be. And I am pretty happy with how ours are turning out.

Is homeschooling allowed in Western Australia?

Yes, in Western Australia parents can exercise educational choice by registering as home educators and thereby assume complete responsibility for the delivery of their child’s or children’s education during their compulsory years of schooling.

Who can homeschool?

You can homeschool if you wish to teach your child at home and your child is in the compulsory education period and if you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a permanent resident of Australia or the holder of a visitor or temporary visa as specified in the Enrolment Policy.

When is the compulsory education period in Western Australia?

From 1st January 2014, the compulsory education period is from the beginning of the year in which the child reaches 5 years and 6 months until the year of which the child reaches the age of 17 years and 6 months or the child reaches the age of 18, which ever happens first.

So how do you start?

If your child has been attending a school you need to advise the principal in writing of your intent to apply for home education either before the child stops attending school or within three days of their non-attendance and you must register your child for homeschooling either before you begin homeschooling or within 14 days of removing them from school.

If your child has not been attending a school, then you must register your child for homeschooling before you begin homeschooling or preferably by the last Friday in February.

How do you register your child for homeschooling?

You need to contact your nearest Regional Education Office. You will be sent a form that you will need to lodge with them. The form asks for some basic details about you and your child. You will also need to produce a copy of your child’s birth certificate or extract and any court orders.

If you aren’t the natural or adoptive parent you will also have to provide documentation that proves your legal right to apply for registration.

Certificates of registration (confirmation of enrolment)

When all required information has been provided, you will be sent a certificate of registration. You will be responsible for your child’s home education from the start date on the certificate until the end of their compulsory education period, unless your registration is cancelled or you decide to enrol them in a school.

This certificate is valid for the entire time you homeschool your child and does not expire unless your registration is cancelled or you decide to enrol them in a school.

Does the government check in on us?

Yes, while you are registered you are required to have visits from a home education moderator. Your first moderation visit will be within three months of your registration, and after that it will be an annual visit (unless they are genuinely concerned and would like to follow up sooner than that).

What is my responsibility as the home educator?

As the home educator you take on full responsibility for your child’s or children’s education program (planning the program, obtaining materials, delivering and monitoring the program).

At the moderation visits the home educator demonstrates to the moderator what progress has been made by the child.

Questions – Still?

The purpose of this was to hopefully give you clear direction on how to start the process of homeschooling your children. I hope I succeeded in that. Nevertheless, should you have any questions or comments in relation to this, please let me know. Otherwise I wish you all the best with your decision about your child’s education.


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