Play, Have Fun & Learn With Play Dough

We all know that younger kids love playing with play dough.  What they make with it, isn’t really important but getting to be hands on, creating, building and even demolishing whatever their hearts desires is great fun.  However, did you know that it is a great tool to use throughout the schooling years?

Each child learns differently.  Some children learn best from listening (whether that be rhythms, tones or even chants), some learn best visually (whether that be pictures, shapes, paintings or even scupltures) or by doing (whether that be tactile experiences, object manipulation or positioning, body movements or even gestures).

The beauty of play dough is that children who learn from all these ways can benefit.  Instructions may be given verbally but then they get to create objects and see visually the results of their endeavours.  So whether your child learns from listening, visually or doing, they can all benefit from learning with play dough.  Plus it is just good fun.

Make your play dough with different colours.  Better still get the kids to help you make the play dough.  This utilises both maths (quantities and measurements) and English (reading and following a procedure) – and the kids get a sense of ownership and enjoy doing this.

The things your can do with play dough are limited only by yours (or their) imagination.  Some  of my ideas for what to do with your play dough when you have made it, include:

  • numbers, counting or clocks,
  • shapes – 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional shapes, or
  • letters and words, even punctuation.

So below is to a link to a great microwave play dough recipe that I have been using for the last fifteen years.  It is simple and easy to make. You can use the same container to mix your ingredients in, cook them in and store them in.  Plus the play dough lasts for ages.

All the ingredients are edible and most of them you should have as staple ingredients in your kitchen. I have included photos so that you can follow the recipe step by step and know that what you are doing is correct.

I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Microwave Play Dough Recipe – Simple With Edible Ingredients & Photos


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